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Wheelchair Lift

Model No. WSL012

Wheelchair lift is used to lift wheelchair from ground to inside the vehicle to help wheelchair users to get into the vehicle  and it may also be used for luggage lifting or likes.

Wheelchair lift could be fixed at rear or side door and it helps in fixing wheelchair in vehicle and prevents it from rear motion. it also serves in fast getting of in cause of emergency simply by bushing button and moving back  the wheelchair.

Wheelchair lift could be mounted at any location in home or work to lift wheelchair from ground to another level.

Wheelchair lift is remotely controlled so that wheelchair user can use it himself without any assistance

Detailed Specifications:

  • Wheel chair lift is made from steel sheets 6mm thickness.

  • Lift floor is made from 3mm steel sheet thickness.

  • Lift floor folding to permit good rear window sight.

  • Lifting floor is 1000cm by 4.5 cm.

  • Lifting stroke is 70cm from ground to vehicle.

  • Lifting stroke is 150 cm from ground to any fixed level using extra spare parts..

  • Lift is fixed inside the vehicle at rear or side door and 15cm apart from door edge.

  • Lift height when retracted is 70cm at middle.

  • Lift sides are 100cm high when retracted.

  • Lift thickness is 20cm when retracted.

  • Lift base is 35cm width.

  • Lift is operated by two hydraulic cylinders driven by power pack.

  • Power pack is 12v.d.c go amp and 2000 PSI.

  • Total weight is 131 KG.

  • Lifting capacity is 300 KG..

  • Lifting floor is automatically folded and unfolded .

  • Over all dimensions are 130cm length by 35 cm width and 1000cm height.

  • Metal parts are painted by two layers of anti corrosion paint and two layer of final color.