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Tube Roller

Model No.  TR066

Pyramid style Roll Bender is three driving roll machine with adjustable center distances. It is used to bent tubes in continuous operation to form regular shapes using two lower rolls as a support and upper roll for bending action.

 All rolls adjustment are controlled by a hydraulic cylinders and the rolls revolution has been achieved by  two speeds electric motor.

Roll Bender is suitable in bending steel profiles, square and rectangular tubes, round tubes and flats. The universal rolls have a knurled surface for a better result in material feeding.

General features:

  • Roll former with Three driving rolls

  • Pyramid style

  • Roll Former shape
  • All rolls has center distance adjustment using hydraulic cylinders

Center distance adjustment

  • Bending in progressive adjustment to get perfect bending radius without wrinkling

  • Roll sets is easy to change according to tube profile (Delivered with one flat set)

  • Side control panel  includes pressure gauge, oil level indicator, motors on/off switches, General power switch beside overload and fuse.

  •  Roll rotationand and center distances are controlled from side control panel or pedal unit

  • Pedal unit is used for regular operation to adjust center distance and operate rolls at low or high speed

  • Tube roller could be used in the vertical or horizontal position

Technical specifications:

Horizontal minimum center distance for lower rolls

120 mm

Horizontal maximum center distance for lower rolls

400 mm

Hydraulic cylinders for Horizontal adjustment

 2" bore diameter, each

Horizontal adjustment velocity

4.5 m/min

Maximum horizontal force for lower rolls

4 Tons

Vertical adjustment of bending roll

225 mm

Hydraulic cylinder for vertical adjustment

3" bore diameter

Vertical adjustment velocity 

2 m/min

Maximum vertical force applied for tube bending

9 tons

Rolls revolution

60 rpm

Maximum tube to be rolled

100 mm diameter

Maximum wall thickness could be bent

4 mm

Maximum pressure in hydraulic circuit

3000 PSI

Hydraulic pump flow rate

12.7 Lit/min

Electric motor for hydraulic pump


Electric motor for roll rotation

6 hp, two speeds

Maximum production capacity

22.5 m/min

Overall dimensions is  length by  width by height

80cmX 75cmX 150 cm

Machine gross weight

1200 kg.