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Tube Bender

Model No. TB015

Hydraulic tube bender used for bending for pipes tube and bars of round or rectangular cross section  the bender  can bend tubes up to 4 inch  diameter and it is operated by hydraulic power back.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Tube bender is made from steel section with high quality to bear generated stresses.

  •  Tube bender can bend tubes up to 4 inch diameter with 4.5mm thickness.

  • Bend radius is up to 30cm.

  • Bend angle is up to 206 degree in one stroke.

  • Bender is supplied with angle scale and angle adjustable limiter.

  • Set of dies is available and easy changeable according to tube diameter.

  • Set of dies are colored by green for pipe dies and blue for tube dies and gray for square dies.

  • Relive value is provided to hydraulic circuit to protect it from over loading.

  • Bender is driven by hydraulic power pack 9 h p ,  220v, 30 amp   and 3000 PSI.

  • Bender is mounted on moving base with 3 wheels.

  • Benders body is painted by two layers of anti corrosion primer paint and two layers of final color.