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Tearing and Rolling machine

for steelwool


The tearing and rolling machine is used to tear off the bands of steel woo and roll them when they come from the steel wool machine or from manual feeding.

The machine is equipped with a brake combination, which allows the band of wool to be torn off exactly.

Due of its newest construction, the machine can manufacture pads weighting 6 k.g. to 50 k.g., and 50 - 120 mm wide. The rolling machine is permanently mounted on the tearing machine, enabling the machine to be put or taken out of operation quickly and easily. The machine is driven by a 2,2kW motor. Machine speed can be adjusted by means of a variable -speed belt.

The roll machine is equipped with a wear-resistant rubber belt.

Technical Data


Roller width (mm)

50 - 120

Roller weight (k.g.)

6 - 50

Power demand (kW)


Total length of machine (m)


Total weight of machine (kg)