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Steel wool machine

Model SWM023

Steel Wool which finds extensive use in domestic and industrial cleaning can now be manufactured on completely automatic machine. Steel wire is shaved with special blades to generate thin fibers of steel Wool, which can be packed in commercially required packing.



Steel wire is let off from let-off drum under controlled tension and runs through wire straightening unit and passes through the machine, pulled by 4 Grooved pulleys located on four corners of the machine. Totally 24 blade, 12 on either side shave the wires to generate thin fibers of the wool. Wire after shaving is pulled by wire pulling arrangement and is wound on the wind-up drum located on the same side of let-off drum. Steel wool from different plates is combined and wound on the other side by reciprocating guide. The remaining wire is passed through the machine three to four times till it has been cut down to the minimum diameter. Lint and fumes generated while wire is shaved are exhausted by suction blower through cyclone dust collector to remove dust particles.

The blades become blunt while shaving and are easily and quickly exchanged. Blunt blades can be reground, on blade grinding machine.

Two ends of wire while changing let-off drum are butt welded on wire butt splicing machine.

Steel Wool Plant Requires Following Machines.

  1. Reel decoiler machine

  2. Wire straightener and pay off unit

  3. Steel Wool Machine (main machine of the line).

  4. Take up machine for residual wire winding

  5. Tearing and Rolling machine for wool winding

  6. Wire Butt Splicing Machine.

  7. Blade Grinding Machine.

  8. Cyclone Dust Collector.

Steel wool machine