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Stair Lift

Model no.  SL049

Stair Lift is designed for straight, curved, and spiral stairways, . It is designed for persons who experience physical difficulty when climbing or descending a set of stairs.
Stair Lift is powered by a reliable rack and pinion drive system that will provide years of continuous, trouble-free operation. Installation on an existing staircase is easy and requires no structural stairway modifications.
The fold-down chair arms and footrest add to ensure passenger's safety.

stair lift has inner eight rollers, giving a surface contact area at least four times greater, which, coupled with our unique tube rail profile, gives the smoothest, quietest and most luxurious ride quality .

Stair Lifts are controlled by, either the armrest switch or by remote control. The remote controls are ideal when there are 2 users in the house so that the lift can be 'sent' or 'called' up - and downstairs.

This DC electric driven motor assures you of access even if electrical service to your home is interrupted, The unit's battery is continuously charged by battery charger that plugs into any household power supply of 230 V

Additional platform accessory could be used for wheelchair lifting or for using stair lift standing or for luggage transporting and many other applications.

Technical specifications:

  • Fold-up seat, arm rest & footrest

  • Mechanical braking systems

  • Residential or commercial applications

  • Rack & pinion drive method

  • Obstacle sensors under footrest

  • Wireless call&send controls at terminals

  • Fold away to ease stairway access

  • Indoor or outdoor use

  • Fully reversible on site for quick installation

  • Top and bottom final limit switches

  • Nylon wheels for smooth and silent ride

  • Inside and outside radius curve capabilities

  • Support posts anchored to stair treads

  • Battery-powered 24-volt 3/4 hp motor

  • Charger plugged in at top or bottom landing

  • Power Supply 24 v DC battery

  • carrying capacity 135 kg

Main three components of stair lift

Main Lift Engine

Model SLE049

Folded chair attachment

Model SLC049

Rail with vertical posts

Model SLR049


Extra applications for stair lift using platform accessory

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