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Automatic Slicing Machine

Model no. ASM064

Automatic Slicing machine

Automatic slicing machine is used to slice rods and bars automatically  into equal slices after fast setup for required dimensions. These slices may be used in woodworks; Decoration and many industrial applications.

In addition to slicing rods and bars; Slicing machine can convert small ships and wooden wastes into regular small shapes where small ships are fed to feeding unit sequentially and the feeding unit pushes these ships to slicing disk as if it is a continues peice.

By fixing a work piece on feeding unit and adjusting the machine at desired length and angles; The machine starts automatically to cut and then the feeding unit advances the work piece to next slicing location and so on until the work piece is finished.

The machine could be controlled manually through manual handles and switches in control panel . In manual operation the slicing disk could be moved front and back during cutting. Feeding could be controlled manually also to create non regular slices. 

Automatic slicing machine works on wood, metals, plastics and stones or any like materials where the cutting disk is changed according to worked material.

Samples of automatic slicing machine products

Technical specifications:

  • Automatic slicing machine to slice rods and bars into identical slices automatically.

  • Automatic slicing machine is mounted on robust base made from 3 mm steel sheets.

  • The machine is prepared with control panel for automatic operating switches and prepared with electric buttons for manual control with necessary light indicators.

  • Slicing unit is driven via 1.5 hp electric motor 220 V.

  • Feeding unit is operated via 0.25 hp electric motor 220 V.

  • Slicing angles and distance between slices are controlled through a set of limit switches which are manually adjusted from operating handles.

  • Cutting disk could be tilted right and left up to180 degree

  • Machine working level is 80 cm from ground.

  • Machine working area is 60 cm length by 58 cm width.

  • Machine can produce slices with thickness up to 80 mm and height up to 200 mm.

  • Distance between engraves is adjustable in 2 mm accuracy.

  • Machine overall dimensions are 58 cm length by 60cm width by 106 cm height.

  • Machine weight is 240 kg.

Overall dimensions

Slicing unit

Feeding unit