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Rubber Shredder

Model no.  RS091

The rubber shredder is specially designed to shred whole truk tyers . The rubber shredder will produce in one pass shredded rubber chips of 16 mm or smaller size.
The rubber shredder is compact, economic and simple to operate. It is designed to work at most efficiency when being used in conjunction with debeader.


 Cutting mechanism                                                Tire cutting

Process and unique features:
Tyres are fed to the processing chamber via a chain conveyor and the shredded rubber is discharged via optional 900 mm wide belt conveyor
A low speed high torque cutting mechanism driven through a trouble free, heavy-duty gearbox efficiency and consistently shreds infeed tyres. The gearbox is driven by an electric motor via drive belts. The cutting mechanism consists of single horizontal rotating shaft to which a series of rotating cutting arms are attached. Rotating cutting arms pass within a series of fixed cutting arms located around the inner walls of the processing chamber. Both the rotating and fixed cutter arms are fitted with replaceable, resharpenable blades.
Shredded rubber is discharged from the end of the processing chamber .


 Output screen                                             Cutting blades

Technical Specification:

  • Power 125 Kw motor , 380 volt.

  • Drive heavy duty gearbox with internal pressure lubrication system

  • Input capacity up to 1500 Kg of truck tyres per hour

  • Output rubber shred is less than 16 mm

  • 51 blades on 17 rotating arms & 76 blades on 4 fixed arms

  • Blade life approx. 500 hours

  • Various bearings oil lubricated spherical and cylindrical roller bearings

  • Operators 1-2 for loading tyres only 1-2 during maintenance

  • Safety emergency stop switches, all moving parts enclosed

  • Auto reverse function for blocking release

  • Dimensions 1.5 m long , 1.5m wide , 2.5m high,

  • Machine weight 5,500 kg.



Output sample                                         Dust suction system