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Fly Shearer

Model no. S035

Shearer unit has been produced for the cold rolled forming industry.  The shearer comprises of a hydraulic shear  which would be integrated on a production line with other roll forming equipment for producing cold rolled sections.  It could be Stand alone or integrated with production line.

The shearer is supplied with hydraulic valve which is actuated from adjustable distance set to shear at any desired length .


Fly shearer base


Technical Specification:

  • 18 m/min line speed

  • Max coil thickness 3mm

  • Max section width 150 mm

  • Max shear force 30 ton

  • Travel distance 50 cm

  • Max shear stroke 25 cm

  • Die fixing plate 250mm x 250 mm

  • Shear rate 60 cycle/min

  • Hydraulic pump 35 cc/rev and 206 Bar

  • Electric motor 18 hp at 380 V

  • Pilot cylinder 2.5" bore diameter and 500mm stroke.

  • Overall dim's 177 X 82 X 160 cm.

  • Gross weight 540 kg.



Fly shearer frame


Technical drawing of fly shearer