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Wood Shaper

Model No. WS050


Wood shaper is used for straight and irregular shaping, matched shaping, tonguing and grooving, fluting and decorative molding. It is simple to operate and does superior work quickly and accurately. High speed is an important factor in assuring clean cutting performance on any shaper.

shaper cuts stock to a particular pattern or profile by employing a rapidly rotating multibladed cutter mounted to a vertical spindle. The spindle is designed so it can be raised or lowered in fractional increments to meet the work at a precise point; in addition, spacers can be used to position the cutter at different heights on the spindle.

The edge of the work is guided along an adjustable fence .As the stock passes the spinning blades, it's shaped to match the cutter's profile. Hundreds of profile designs could be shaped using shaper machine to fashion anything .

Samples of shaper products

Technical Specifications :

  • Heavy duty wood shaper with Steel base and casing.

  • Manual rise and fall of spindle by lockable hand wheel

  • Large Precision Ground steel Table

  • All rotating elements based on Ball Bearing Construction

  • Shaper is driven by 3 H.P., 220V, Single-Phase  Motor

  • Spindle rotates at 4500 RPM

  • Spindle Dia  1-1/2"

  • vertical stroke of spindle 120mm

  • Table height from floor 900mm

  • Fence size 900 x 120 mm    

  • Maximum cutter Diameter 260mm ( cutter not included )

  • Table Size 800 x 1000mm  

  • Shaper weight is 310 Kg