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Rose Engine

Model No. RE029

Rose Engine is used to produce ornaments in continuous production with identical dimension. The engine can generate ornaments on surfaces or bodies (2D&3D )

Complicated ornaments could be generated from one piece of wood or any other soft material; like ( MDF )

Rose engine products is generated by continuous adjustment of cutting tool in 9 directions ( 9 degrees of freedom ) during operation.

Some of these adjustments is controlled automatically by means of  cams which is cut typically according to the required body profile

Samples of rose engine products

Technical specifications:

  • Rose engine body is made from steel sheets and sections which enables reliable and continuous operation.

  • The work piece is fixed on headstock which rotates at high speed for turning operations ( Lath ) and rotates at very low speed fro indexing .

  • Tailstock has a rotating  spindle which holds a cutting edge used for face ornaments .

  • Long work pieces could be operated by holding it by tail stock .

  • Tool carriage is traveling along the engine bed to generate the profile of desired shape

  • Carriage motion is controlled automatically by means of set of cams which are easy changeable for different profiles

  • Cams are cut out from a piece of sheet  metal or hard wood with 10 mm thickness and cam profiles are obtained from desired cross section, longitudinal section, face ornaments ............etc.

  • Cams are used mainly to produce bodies (3d profiles) ,while rose engine could be used without cams to produce circular face ornaments and it is controlled manually .

  • Rose engine is controlled through a sophisticated gear box which is operated by electric motor 220 V and 2 KW.

  • A work piece with 40 cm length by 40 cm diameter cold be produced.

  • Overall dimensions is 80 cm length by 40 cm width and 65 cm height.

  • Rose engine weight is 155 kg.