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Roll Forming Line

Model no. RFL036


Roll forming line


Roll forming line is used to produce a regular beams in identical dimension that is commonly used in construction and industrial applications.

Beams are produced by passing a strip of sheet metal between a set of rollers sequentially and the strip section changes gradually at each roller up to final shape.

Sheet metal flow in production line


Roll Forming Plant consists of  the following machines:

  1. Decoiler

  2. Straightner

  3. Punching Unit

  4. Punching Die

  5. Roll Former

  6. Roller Set

  7. Shearer

  8. Run out table

  9. Hydraulic power pack

  10. PLC Control Unit

Output beams


General features:

  • Line production speed up to 18 m/min

  • Maximum sheet width is 250 mm

  • Maximum sheet thickness is 2 mm

  • Electric power consumption is 40 kw, 3 phase

  • Line is controlled automatically throught PLC control unit

  • Line could be controlled manually throught extra manual control unit

  • Safety switches and proximity switches is provided for automatic control

  • Minimum sheet reel inner diameter 270 mm

  • Maximum sheet reel inner diameter 450 mm

  • Maximum sheet reel outer diameter 1100 mm

  • Reel width up to 250 mm

  • Reel maximum weight 4 ton

  • Max punching force 30 ton

  • punching rate 60 cycle/min

  • Roller sets could be changed to work on different cross section

  • Forming stations are 12 stage.

  • Fly cutter force 18 ton

  • Fly cutter stroke 25 cm