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Roll Former

Model No. RF011

Roll forming machine

Roll former is used to produce a regular beams in identical dimension that is commonly used in construction and industrial applications.

Roll former can also produce many corrugated sections by passing a strip of sheet metal between a set of rollers sequentially and the strip section changes gradually at each roller up to final shape.


Technical specifications:

  • Roll former is use to produce commonly use beams all in identical dimensions.

  • Rollers are fixed on a robust base to ensure stability during operation.

  • Each roller is mounted on two roller bearings.

  • Roller sets could be changed to work on different cross section or different thickness.

  • Roll former is operated from electric motor 12 hp and 380 V.

  • Former can form sheet metal with thickness up to 2 mm and width up to 25 cm.

  • Vertical adjustment of rollers 50 mm from 80 mm to 130 mm.

  • Output speed of products is 18 m/min.

  • Number of stations for rolling are 12.

  • Overall dimensions are 290 cm. Length by 65 cm. width by 104 cm high.

  • Gross weight 750 kg.

Technical drawing of roll forming machine