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Rock Breaker

Model No. RB016

Our rock breaker is used to break stones , Rocks , Concrete and asphalt in tasks which needs fast access and high performance.

It is also used in rugged areas and narrow spaces which is difficult to access by skid loaded rock breakers .

Our rock breaker is light in weight and easy in use  which leads to high maneuverability

Rock breaker is manually propelled and it is controlled in operation through hydraulic control valve which is fixed on control control handle. 

Rock breaker is driven from any hydraulic pressure available in site or it could be prepared with extra power pack to generate pressure.

Rock breaker applications :

  • stoning and mining operations

  • Foundations dig operations

  • City utilities operations

  • Buildings indoor maintenance

  • Concrete and asphalt wastes removal

Technical Specifications

  • Impact energy is 150 kg.m

  • Number of blows is 700 blows per minute

  • Required hydraulic flow rate is 25 lit/m

  • Required hydraulic pressure is 150 bar

  • Breaking performance is 5 m/hr in hard rocks

  • Overall dimensions is 222cm length by 70cm width by 115cm height .

  • Rock breaker total weight is 400 kg.

  • Rock breaker works in height up to 280cm from ground level

  • Rock breaker works in depth down to 95cm from ground level

  • Rock breaker works far to 115cm from skid tip

  • Breaking head has only two moving parts

  • Rock breaker is manufactured from high quality steel alloys and painted by two layers of anti corrosion primer paint ant two layers of final color.