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Hydraulic press

Model no. HP069

This is a 20 ton hydraulic press comprising of a press frame carrying one fixed die holder. The top plate of the hydraulic press carries a double acting hydraulic cylinder .

The bottom platen carries dowels to locate clamps to secure the punch tooling which sits between it and the moving plate.

The tooling engages with holes on the underside of the moving platen and is clamped to the bottom platen via manual clamps .

The puncher is supplied with hydraulic valve which is actuated manually.

The press is available up too 400 ton capacity.


  • Max pressing force 20 ton

  • Die fixing plate 250mm x 250 mm

  • Press stroke 250 mm

  • Press rate 10 cycle/min

  • Hydraulic pump 15 cc/rev and 206 Bar

  • Electric motor 8 hp at 380 V

  • Overall dimensions 420cm x 68 cm x 163 cm.

  • Gross weight 372 kg.