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Mixer 1/3 m^3

Model No. M006

Mixer 1/3 m3 is used for mixing fodder or concrete components or likes.

Mixer body is made from anti corrosion galvanized steel sheet metal which bear working conditions.

The mixer is fixed on robust base which sustain great stability during operation.


Technical specifications:

  • Mixer is made from galvanized steel sheets 3 mm thickness

  •  Mixer capacity is 1/3 m3.

  • Mixer base is made from 5 mm steel sheets thickness to increase stability during operation and to ease discharging.

  • Mixer is supplied with rear ladder which used for mixer charging and follow up.

  •  Changeable upper bucket is fixed on charging hole.

  • Discharging hole is located in the lower side of mixer to sustain continues operation and the hole supplied with cup.

  •  Mixer is driven via electric motor 5 hp.

  • Mixer is shot blasted and painted with 2 layers of anti corrosion primer paint and 2 layers of final color.