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Rubber Grinder

Model no.  RG092

The rubber grinder produces a range of different sized rubber granules and powder from 16 mm shred .

The rubber grinder, fitted with four granulating and four grinding chambers, It is specifically designed to both granulate steel-free rubber chips of up to 16 mm in size, and grind steel-free rubber chips without the overheating and low capacity problems .

Grinder in production line

The rubber grinder consists of two electric motors;Eeach motor drivs two water cooled processing chambers, all mounted on a common table the discharged product is suitable for screening and immediate sale or further processing.

Grinding disks

Unique features :

The grinder is compact, economical and simple to operate. It is designed to work most efficiency by feeding with overhead hopper, This hopper being fitted with individual, variable speed, feed augers for each processing chamber.

The cutting mechanism consists of a series of replaceable, resharpenable fixed and rotating cutters of various profiles. The rotating cutters are mounted on a water-cooled, splined shaft and the fixed cutters retained within the water-cooled housing .

Dust suction system

The product is discharged from the processing chambers into a common water-cooled trough auger , and from this auger , can be screened and bagged or deposited onto the separator for fiber separation and screening . the oversize product would generally be returned to the feed hopper for further processing .

Output sample

Basic Specification:

  • Powered by two 50 Kw main motor , 380

  • Input capacity up to 1500 Kg /hr of steel-free rubber chips,

  • 16 mm max input size ,

  • Output rubber granules ranging in size from 0.6mm (#30 mesh) upto 12 mm

  • Infeed by one overhead feed hopper

  • Discharge Trough conveyor

  • Various blades quantities and combinations of fixed and rotating blades .

  • Blade life approx. 500 hours .

  • Shaft Bearings on two grease lubricated tapered roller bearings in a water-cooled housing and one cylindrical roller bearing

  • Operators 1-2 for loading tyres only 1-2 during maintenance

  • Safety Emergency stop switches,

  • All moving parts enclosed

  • Dimensions 3 m long , 2 m wide , 2 m high excluding feed hopper ,

  • Weight 4,500 kg