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Grain Conveyor

Model No. GC009

Grain conveyor is used to transfer cereals and grains from vehicles to stores or from stores to vehicles via flexible hoses through vertical and horizontal distances.

Conveyor is operated by compressed air and driven by electric motor.

Technical specifications:

  • Conveyor is made from galvanized sheet metals 3 mm thickness.

  •  Grain is sucked by air blower of 15hp power and 2000 CFM flow rate.

  • Grain is separated from air by using a cyclone of 40 cm diameter.

  • Grain is introduced to delivery line by means of air lock device located under cyclone.

  • Conveyor base is made from 5 mm sheet metals and supplied by 4 wheels to ease conveyor moving.

  • Suction and delivery hoses are from reinforced type of 4 inch Diameter.

  • Conveyor is driven by electric motor 15 hp.

  • Air lock valve is driven by separate motor 2 hp.

  • Conveying capacity of grain conveyor is 20 tons per hour.

  • Maximum conveying distance is 20 meters horizontal plus 9 meters vertical

  • Overall dimension is 1.8 m length by 0.75 m width by 1.5 m height.

  • The grain conveyor is shot blasted and painted 2 priming layers against corrosion and 2 layers of final color.