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Screening & Filling Machine

Model no.  SF094

Screening and filling machine is designed to avoid all of other brands screen deficiencies. Shaped sieve frame design for convenience and quick change of sieve (only 5 to 10 minutes required) ; this design furthermore allow single-layer sieves, double-layer sieves or triple-layer sieves to be mounted as required.

Drive motor

Completely separate unit design; the resulting simple and easy assembly and dismantling can be carried out by a single person which means an even smoother production process.
Larger sieving area and higher performance form a machine of the same dimensions.
The design of primary and secondary sieves ensures that fine sieves are fully supported by primary sieves; as a result, fine sieves have an exceptionally long service life which, apart from keeping down costs, means a reduction in the number and length of stoppages to the production process.

Weight calibration system


  • Saves time, 5-10 minute screen changes with "two" persons.

  • Steady, uninterrupted production.

  • Screens generally last longer with the combination of clean ring and ball tray assembly.

  • Tapping balls do not contact the fine mesh screens.

  • The easiest way to change a screen cloth

Output  powder sizes