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Engraving Machine

Model no. EM051

Engraving machine

Engraving machine is used to engrave ornamental shapes in sequential order as it is used in wooden frames and furniture or likes.

The machine works by making a die for desired shape and mounting it in the machine; Then the die vibrates in high frequency which leads to engraving the die shape on any facing material without applying any force or impact on work piece.


Automatic and manual controls

By fixing a work piece on feeding unit and adjusting the machine at desired depth and height ; The machine starts automatically to engrave till adjusted depth is reached and then the feeding unit advances the work piece to next engraving location and so on until the work piece is finished.

The machine could be controlled manually through manual control panel. In manual operation the work piece could be moved right, left, front and back during vibration. Feeding could be controlled manually also to create non regular shapes.


Internal control circuit and motors

The machine could be controlled automatically through automatic control panel in which the desired parameters such as engraving depth and patterns distances  are easy programmed to PLC control unit and then ; Use just one push button for whole work piece regardless its length.

Engraving machine works on wood, metals, plastics and stones or any like materials where the engraving die is changed according to worked material and shape .


Internal design of machine

Engraving machine could be used to engrave Logos, serial numbers, codes, symbols and any instruction shapes on any desired surface.




Samples die and products


Technical specifications:

  • Automatic engraving machine to work on flat surfaces and supplied with PLC control unit.

  • Engraving machine is mounted on robust base made from 3 mm steel sheets.

  • The machine is prepared with PLC control panel for automatic operating and prepared with electric buttons for manual control with necessary light indicators.

  • Engraving unit is driven via 3 hp electric motor 220 V.

  • Feeding unit is operated via 3 electric motor of 0.25 hp and 220 V.

  • Engraving depth and distance between engraves are controlled through PLC unit which is calibrated using manual control panel.

  • Machine working level is 80 cm from ground.

  • Machine working area is 108 cm length by 90 cm width.

  • Engraving depth reach 25 mm according to engraving time

  • Engraving die vibrates in 2mm range .

  • The machine can engrave on 4 cm depth from work piece surface according to die.

  • Engraving altitude is adjustable in 10 cm range.

  • Distance between engraves is adjustable in 2 mm accuracy.

  • Machine overall dimensions are 108 cm length by 90cm width by 107 cm height.

  • Machine weight is 307 kg.

General layout