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Gravity die-casting machine

Manual - Automatic control

Model no. DCM054

Gravity die casting machine is one of the most important machines commonly used in die casting plants where it has a good surface finish products and high productivity which means fewer processes in production.

Many small and medium products could be cast using this machine like valves, taps, metal ornaments and likes . It is also used in semi products casting for industrial use and for many spare parts production.

The machine is available for frontal or lateral pouring with regulation of the rotation speed. Quick regulation of the pouring start points . The Die closing will be very soft by means of fast and slow speed to avoid any damages to the cores

Technical Specifications :

  • Machine is operated from hydraulic pump which is driven from electric motor

  • Electric motor is 5 hp and 380 v

  • Hydraulic pressure in circuit is 50 bar

  • Machine is controlled manually through hydraulic control valves

  • Manual die filling using hand ladle

  • Cast product is ejected manually

  • Die could be tilted fore and bake within 90 degree

  • Maximum die size 400 mm

  • Maximum die weight 100 kg

  • Maximum distance between die supporting flanges is 450 mm

  • Maximum closing stroke is 270 mm

  • Hydraulic oil tank is 100 liter capacity and supplied with oil filter, strainer, level and heat indicator

  • Machine productivity is 200 cycle / day

  • Machine is provided with a set of adjustable limit switches for tilting and dipping

  • Hydraulic circuit is supplied with solenoid and relieve valves

  • Machine weight is 1450 kg