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Model no.  D033

The decoiler is an important part of any Roll Forming Plant. It is used to hold sheet reel during roll forming or during punching and shearing .

The sheet reel is fixed on the axe of decoiler ; Then the axe diameter is increased to fit the reel inner diameter.

Decoiler could be driven via hydraulic motor which may connected to main hydraulic circuit of plant and it is controlled through main control panel.


Technical specifications :

  • Minimum reel inner diameter 270 mm

  • Maximum reel inner diameter 450 mm

  • Maximum reel outer diameter 1100 mm

  • Reel width from 150 mm to 470 mm

  • Reel maximum weight 4 ton

  • Decoiler overall dimensions 113cm  x  53cm  x  86cm

  • Decoiler weight 218 k.g.



Technical drawing of decoiler