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Tire Cutter

Model no. TC090

Tire cutter is designed to cut car, truck and rear tractor tires. Range is up to 120 cm truck tires. The tire cutter  adds flexibility to your total tire cutting system by providing you the opportunities of accepting tires up to 120 cm into your system. The unit also allows your system to cut 60-70 truck tires per hour or 120-150 car tires per hour.

The cutter  is available as a portable or stationary unit and can be powered by electric, diesel or gasoline engines.


              Cutting blades                                             Hydraulic system

Technical Specifications:


1700 kg


150 cm


150 cm


300 cm

Cycle Time

10 Seconds

Hydraulic Pressure

3,000 psi

Electric Motor

30 HP 380 volt

Blade Size

1" x 3" x 25"

Output sample