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Shear Baler Three Directions

Model No. SB061

Shear baler 3 directions

The scrap metal baler  is used to compact scrap metals and tin with sheet metal thickness up to 2 mm and bale it in cubic shape 35cm X 35cm X 40cm and 100 kg weight.
Baler shears the scrap metal in case it is wider than its chamber and in continues operation the upper gate is opened so that the scrap metal is fed till the chamber is full .

Side compression cylinder

The baler has a side compactor in addition to axial compactor and bales are coming from front door.

This machine is capable of compressing various leftover, housing of junk, cab, metal structural, metallic chips into cuboid bales. The density of these bales is high, so that they are convenient to store, transportation & metallurgy.

Shear baler Operation

Technical Specifications :

Baling chamber

65cm x 75cm x120cm (H)x(W)x(L)

Bale Size

35cm X 35cm X 30 - 40 cm  (HXLXW)

Electric Motor

40 H.P. 3Ø, 1440 (R.P.M.)


Steel fabrication

Oil drive

Gear pump

Force on upper cylinder

36 tons

Force on Main cylinder

100 tons

Force on side cylinder

64 tons

Force on door cylinders

8 TONS (Each)

Working pressure

3000 PSI

Weight of Bale (Approx)

100 Kgs

Cycle time (Approx)

90 Seconds

Weight of Machine (Approx)

7 tons

Oil tank capacity

500 ltrs.

Hydraulic and electric controls


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