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Floating-algae collector

Model no. AC100

Algae collector is portable kit which could be mounted on any self propelled boat and. it is used to collect floating algae, Oils and similar pollutant  from sea shores and lakes. The unit is driven via diesel engine which operates centrifugal water pump.

Principal of operation :

  1. Wide hood is used to suck surface layer of algae with low velocity to ensure laminar flow, its width is optional according to loading boat . The hood is provided with sub cushion to keep its level always at water surface .

  2. Hood mechanism is used to carry hood body and it is supported with adjustable spring for fine adjustment.

  3. Flexible hose is used to connect hood outlet to water pump inlet .

  4. Water pump is driven via diesel engine which is provided with control panel and fuel tank .

  5. Water pump delivers sea water with algae to separation  tank inlet.

  6. Tank first partition has upper gap through tank width, this gap helps to move  water to next partition in laminar flow.

  7. Second partition is used to float algae and pure water is leaked from lower gap to next partition. That gap is provided with extra filter to ensure  100% algae free.

  8. Third partition is used to prevent water to flow out before the tank is full of water.

  9. Fourth partition in tank is used to collect water overflow and direct it to tank outlet.

  10. Tank outlet is connected to outlet tube which is extended to boat end. It is provided with gate valve.

  11. Algae discharge valve is provided to algae partition in tank, it is opened when the tank is full of algae, it have to be connected to discharge hose to toke out algae, Water pump may be used to help algae to flow outwards.

General features :

  1. Algae collector is made from galvanized steel ( stainless is optional)

  2. Collector is clip on attachment which is easy mounted and dismounted to boats.

  3. Working time could be changed according to fuel tank and algae collecting tank (optional during manufacturing)

  4. Water pump is provided with flexible joint to isolate vibrations from tank body.

  5. Diesel engine is provided with control panel for start and monitor the engine .

  6. Water tank is provided with three man holes which are used in cleaning tank and filter.

Technical specifications:

  1. Algae collector is made from galvanized steel 3 & 4  mm thickness.

  2. Suction hood width is 2.5 m.

  3. Hood could be adjusted vertically in 80 cm span.

  4. Suction hood is connected to pump by 4" suction hose.

  5. Water pump is 2000 litre / min flow rate.

  6. Pump is directly connected to diesel engine  45 hp.

  7. Fuel tank is 100 lit. capacity.

  8. Total water tank capacity is 5 m.

  9. Algae partition in tank is 2.5 m.

  10. Tank outlets via 4" gate valves .

  11. Algae collector height is 1.5 m from boad deck.

  12. Algae collector width is 2.5 m.

  13. Algae collector length is 3.5 m in addition to 1m for hood extension.

  14. Total weight is about 2200 kg.