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Plastic Recycling Agglomerator

Model no.  PRA043

Agglomerator is a cylinder with two rotating blades at the bottom, When it goes to plastic  recycling, the matter is not that easy because of the fact that plastic is melting.

Agglomerator machine is designed for plasticising and recycling of LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP,PVC, Nylon, Polyester and any type of film tape, monofilament and fabric waste.

The machine consumes low power .The bulk density capacity is high with free flow of granules. The plastic material can be coloured and mixed.

The  Agglomerator works best in situations where low investment, low operating and low maintenance costs are significant.

Technical specifications:

Machine body is made of high strength steel sheets

Cutting blades is made of special alloys

Machine is supplied with electric control panel with main safety devices

Cutting system consists of 4 fixed blades and 2 rotating blades

Machine production capacity is 250 kg/hr

Machine is driven via 20 hp electric motor