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Sorting Conveyor

Model no.  SC118

Sorting belt conveyor is suitable for horizontal conveying for long distances such as sorting process in addition to material conveying in production lines where gentle handling is required to minimize damage of materials .

Sorting conveyor is self-cleaning and feature economic and gentle conveying. The belt conveyor is available for one-way and reversible conveying is also available .



Technical specifications:

  • Simple design cuts installation and maintenance costs

  • Versatility to handle most materials in sorting or feeding processes

  • 100 cm wide belt moves high quantities.

  • Length of conveying is 12 m

  • All galvanized steel construction - Stainless is optional.

  • Diameter of belt drive is 20 cm with rubber lags to keep belt straight

  • Large 10cm belt idler is crowned and self-cleaning

  • Low speed up to 10 m/sec  

  • Belt tightener keeps belt at proper tension