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Multi-purpose shredding system

Model MS091


Multi-purpose shredding system

Multi-purpose shredding system is specially designed to shred combined scrap materials including rubber, plastics, paper, wood, tin and light metals. The shredder will produce in one pass shredded chips of 50 mm size or smaller without the need of any further screening. Shredding average capacity is 2500 kg/hr of input materials.

Scrap materials are fed to the shredder via 900 cm feeding belt conveyor and the shredded chips are discharged via 900 mm discharge belt conveyor.

A low speed high torque cutting mechanism is driven through two trouble free, heavy duty gearboxes which are directly connected to two electric motors. The cutting mechanism consists of two cutting axes and each axe is supplied with series of rotating cutting blades. Rotating cutting blades pass within a series of fixed cutting knives located at side walls of the processing chamber. Both rotating and fixed cutters are replaceable and re-sharpenable.


1- Shredding and grinding mechanism

Shredding and grinding mechanism accepts the material coming from feeding belt and shred it to chips less than 50 mm in one path.

The shredding mechanism has 24 cutting blades 490 mm diameter and 50 mm thickness. The blades are assembled on two rotating axes with 1200 mm active length and 207 mm diameter.


Shredding and grinding system

During maintenance the desired axe could be removed with all its blades and it is easy to change or re-sharpen the blades, then reinstall the axe without disconnecting the cooling connections during maintenance.


Shredding chamber assembly

Each axe is driven from separate electric motor 20 K.W. and reduction gear boxes to finally rotate the axes in 30 rpm and this system can shred 2500 kg/hr of recycled materials in average.

Parallel to shredding mechanism; there is cooling system which sprays cold water on cutting blades. This system allows the blades to be just cooled without wetting the material or needing drain line.


8- Cooling system

Cooling system works in cooling the cutting blades of shredding system which increase blades life. Cooling system starts in cooling tank of 500 lit in capacity which is fixed to shredder base from side as a drawer. It is connected to shredder by flexible connections in separation points. The tank has its standard ports like tank inlet, tank outlet, pump connections, level indicator, over flow and pressure normalizing port.

The tank is filled by water pump fixed on tank side and connected to the control valves. The pump is operated by 1 K.W. electric motor and 3 bar pump pressure. The pump is operated from general control panel of the shredder.

To control cooling process; we use two control valves between pump and cutting blades where the cutting blades are divided into two zones and each zone is controlled separately.

Control valves can work on water pump or work directly at input water line, the control valves are supported by relieve valve to protect the circuit from over pressure and to adjust the pressure in cooling circuit.


Cooling system

The control valves are fixed on tank body and provided with required labels for each valve, the control valves are connected to the shredder frame through two cooling lines according to cooling zones, water pipes are fixed to shredder frame and flexible connections are provided at separation points between tank and frame body.

Cooling system is monitored by a set of pressure gauges to indicate pump pressure, outer line pressure and cooling zones pressures. Outer line is 1 inch and cooling system is 1/2 inch.

Average water consumption is 400 lit/hr and there is no return line or drain line where the water is controlled exactly to cool the cutters without any excess water.

Cooling system is assembled during manufacturing and still assembled during transportation.


3- control panel

Shredding system has 5 electric motors in different capacities which are all controlled through general control panel fixed to shredder frame. The control panel shows also any faults in the system by light and sound warnings.

You can operate the system, stop it, operate or stop any motor and fix the errors. In addition you can adjust feeding rate of feeding system. The control panel has contactors and overload switches for each motor in addition to general circuit breaker.

That control panel is fixed to the shredder frame with fixed cable tracks. Cable tracks are fixed permanently on the frame and it will not be dismounted during transportation.

The control system of the shredder is fed from one electricity input cable of 45 K.W, 380 volt, 3 phase and 50 HZ. Generally the shredder needs only one cable for electric power and one pipe for cooling water.


4- Feeding and discharge conveyors

Feeding and discharge conveyors of 90 cm width and 3 m length is mounted on robust bases and operated via electric motors 2 K.W. each and reduction gear boxes 1/100.

Feeding belt linear speed could be controlled from 7 m/min to 14 m/min and which means 2 to 3 ton/hr of input materials where maximum width of input materials are not more than 90cm. Conveyor belts are provided with horizontal fins each 90 cm of belt length. These fins of 70 mm high act as a gauge to adjust manual feeding process.

Feeding belt conveyor                                                              Discharge belt conveyor

Feeding belt high at lower end is about 80 cm which is suitable for manual loading and discharge belt high at end is about 190 cm which is suitable for easy packing.

Belt inclination is 35 degree to the ground which allows high friction force to permit the fed or discharge chips from sliding.



Shipping and installation of shredding system

The multi-purpose shredding system is transported in semi-assembled form where the control panel, cable tracks, cooling system, shredding chamber, lower and upper hopper are all assembled to the frame during transportation and the remaining parts which will be assembled in site will be the belt conveyors with their bases only.

Generally, the shredder is very fast in installation where two workers can install it in 4 hours and we will need one shipping container 20 feet for transportation.

The shredder could be fixed to the ground by special bolts, and then the belts which were disassembled during transportation have to be mounted in their locations again.

In addition; main electricity cable have to be connected to the control panel and water inlet line have to be connected to cooling system. Then the shredder is ready for first run.


First run of shredding system

After shredder installation and connecting one electricity input to control panel and one water input to cooling system; The shredder operating starts from the control panel where a light indicators appear on the control panel showing all motors operation. Any faults or misconnections will appear also on control panel by warning light and sound.

Shredding system layout                                                 Cutting blade dimensions

By one touch to control panel; all motors start running automatically and gradually to adjust the loading of electric power to the outer line. After the shredder is operated properly; input materials have to be fed to feeding conveyor. Input materials must be less than 90 cm. After material feeding is start, the empty packs have to be put at the discharge conveyor for output packing.