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Washing pool

Model no.  WP041

Washing pools is used in plastic waste washing such as bottles (PET), film (pre-cut in a guillotine) etc. Other application is also the treatment of the sinking fraction of the float/sink-process.   The washing is caused by injected water and the mutual friction of the plastic particles. Axial rotating screw prevent the plastic particles to stick to the side walls of the drum.

The process is that the material is loaded from the top and after the washing cycle discharged. The residual humidity is about 20 % so that the material must be dried.

The washing water is discharged through the bottom of the drum. A sieve separates the material from the residues of the washing process. The water is recirculated through filter set which is cleaned periodically.


Technical specifications :

  • Rugged construction and equipped with first class components

  • Oil cooled bearings and heat exchanger oil/water

  • Automatic lubrication of the bearings of the electric main motor

  • Electric driven pump

  • Important parts made of stainless steel

  • min /max water level control with interrupting switches

  • Interchangeable grid at drum bottom and filter set

  • Sensors for control and surveillance.

  • Washing capacity of the system is 400 kg/hr

  • Water pump is 120 lit/min

  • Water pump is driven by 2 kw electric motor

  • Screw is driven by 2 kw electric motor

  • Drum diameter is 400 mm

  • Overall dimensions is 160 cm length by 90 cm width by 160 cm height.