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Plastic Extruder

Model no.  PRE044

Extruder is used for recycling waste plastic to produce raw material. In addition; It may be used for injection in molds or for continues operation in electric wire insulating.

Extruders for plastic recycling are machines designed for producing pellets from scrap materials.

Extruders for continues molding are machines designed for producing homogeneous plastic paste from plastic pellets.

In recycling process; Used plastic is first processed in a agglomerator or crushing machine. After preprocessing polymer, product is fed into extruder to produce granule raw material.

Even after a good washing and separtion line, flakes can still be a little contaminated, humid, and/or with some other problems.

To handle all this extruder, Screenchanger and die-face cutter should be firstclass to get high production of a high quality. It took a while to get the right screw design, the proper feeding.


Technical specifications:

  • High production rate.

  • Low energy consumption.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • No downtime.

  • Good mixing.

  • Low degrading and oxidation

  • Pelletize flakes with high moisture content.

  • Air cooling system

  • Screw and barrel are manufactured from special alloy steel, featuring maximum efficiency and long service life

  • Stable driving performance, low noise, low power consumption and greater power output

  • Extruder is driven by electric motor 40 hp.

  • Inner screw diameter is 85 mm.

  • Capacity is 150 to 250 kg/hr.