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Plastic Recycling Crusher

Model no.  PRC039

Crushing machines are very important part of recycling process. Hard plastic material can be reduced to desired size by using that crushing machines.

The low rotor speed minimizes dust and noise levels, and is less subject to wear even when processing tough material . The various safety devices are designed to standards.

The machine is able to crush extra big plastics without assisted mow. It has high efficiency, automatic feeding system and low noisy.


Crusher exploded view


Technical specifications:

  • Machine body is manufactured of high strength steel sheets

  • Cutting blades is manufactured of high quality steel alloy

  • Machine is supported by electric control panel with main safety devices

  • Clearance between fixed and rotating blades is adjustable

  • Production capacity of crusher is 250 kg/hr

  • 9 rotating blades & 2 fixed blades

  • Drive motor is 40 hp electric motor

Crushing chamber