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Storage Silo 40 ton

Model No. SS087

Storage Silo is used to stor different kinds of grains and cereals with larg storage capacity in addition to easy charging and discharging.

The silo is constructed from many separate sections which are attached together in site in case of overseas freight. Whole silo is mounted on robust base which may be fixed to ground.

Silo is supported with outer ladder for service ,Inner ladder for maintenance, Upper rail for safety and upper man hole for manual filling and for maintenance. It is also provided with two pneumatic conveyors to automatically convey cereals from any container to silo and from silo to any container.

By connecting a hose to left conveyor and putting hose end in any cereals container; Just one push button and the cereals will flow to silo with a rate 20 ton/hr.

Another hose is connected to right conveyor , Then we can discharge sereals from silo to any containers with the same filling rate.

Silo Technical Specifications

  • Silo is made from steel sheets 6mm thichness.

  • It is supported with outer rings and inner beams with addition to vertical strips.

  • Silo is mounted on base from 140mm beams and 6mm cover sheet.

  • Silo is constructed from 6 identical rings each of 1m height.

  • Lower ring has inner cone to ease cereals suction during discharging

  • Upper cover is supported with cross beams 80mm in addition to rail and holes.

  •   Upper rail is made from 2" tubes and it is 800mm height.

  • Storage capacity is 55 cubic meter with 40 ton weight

  • Silo inner diameter is 2400mm

  • Silo inner height is 6000mm

  • Overall height is 7000mm

  • base dimensions are 2500mm by 3000mm

  • Total weight is 4800 kg.

  • Silo is painted by two layers of anti corrosion primer paint ant two layers of final color.

Pneumatic Conveyor Technical Specifications

  • Conveyor is made from galvanized sheet metals 3 mm thickness.

  •  Grain is sucked by air blower 2000 CFM flow rate.

  • Grain is separated from air by using a cyclone of 40 cm diameter.

  • Grain is introduced to delivery line by means of air lock device located under cyclone.

  • Conveyor base is made from 5 mm sheet metals

  • Suction and delivery hoses are reinforced type of 4 inch Diameter.

  • Conveyor is driven by electric motor 15 hp.

  • Air lock valve is driven by separate motor 2 hp.

  • Conveying capacity of grain conveyor is 20 tons per hour.

  • Maximum conveying distance is 20 meters horizontal plus 9 meters vertical

  • Conveyor dimension are 120cm length by 75cm width by 120cm height.

  • The grain conveyor is shot blasted and painted by two layers of priming paint against corrosion and two layers of final color.